Friday, May 7

Birthday Tradition

Back in 2001 (I think), as my birthday was encrouching upon me, a newer friend of mine asked if I had any birthday traditions.

I think her question stumped me but I'm sure I stammered out some kind of answer:
Ummm.....well.....I'll have dinner with my family....that's about it, really....

Then she elaborated that she was thinking of starting an annual birthday tradition for herself but was still trying to decide what to do: get a haircut, a massage, shopping, or some other rare treat.

I thought that seemed like an idea worth considering. Treating myself for having survived graced another year! I allowed the idea to loll in my head over the next several years.

Upon returning home from Germany, I had the grand idea that my annual birthday tradition would be to treat myself to a pedicure. There is something lovely (in my mind) about buying a cup of coffee, wearing comfy clothes, and treking off to the local nail salon with a book in hand for a little me-time.

The benefits of this me-time is a pair of lovely feet when I'm done. (Of course, usually it's still cold or wet in Washington for the next month so nobody notices my lovely feet except me...but that's okay!)Tomorrow morning is when I've scheduled in my annual birthday tradition. And I'm so ready for it.

Then I get to trek home for a good afternoon of packing up my apartment and working on my thesis paper! Oh...and at some point, I really must find a Mother's Day gift. Why does it seem that the older I get, the harder it is for me to think of good gifts for my family members? Any good ideas???

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