Wednesday, April 14

The Single Life

I had plans. Plans of branching out my single life experiences.

Because I'm 30 and single, and because I'm normally okay entertaining myself, I've incorporated several experiences into my life going solo:

I will go to the movie theater by myself without any problem.
I don't mind going out to dinner by myself (but will usually take a book as a companion).
I've traveled by myself...not to any great extent but from place to place and occasional day trips.
Not to mention having my own apartment, going to a church by myself or moving around the world by myself.

It's all been Not necessarily my preferred desires but I have learned to live with where God has me...single.
But I had plans to expand these lessons.

One things that I've never wanted to do by myself is to go to a concert. There have been some people who've visited Seattle and I've been interested in seeing them. However, none of my family gets excited about jazz or of a few other contemporary singers that I like. As for friends, I can find some who don't mind these particular singers but are not huge fans. Plus, money is an issue for a couple people, both family and friends. So asking them to spend at least $30 for me, to see someone they aren't thrilled about, seems unfair. Needless to say, I've missed a few concerts I would have loved to otherwise see.

So I made a decision when I heard that Corinne Bailey Rae was coming to Seattle, that I'd go see her. By myself. I would branch out and give solo concert going a try. If I hated it, I wouldn't do it again. Lesson learned. If it wasn't awful then I'd consider it the next time someone came to down that I wanted to see. However, my plans came to naught. Why???

I thought the concert was scheduled for April 19th...and only realized today that was April 12th.
I missed it altogether. Boo! So sad.
I was so looking forward to seeing her.
I bought a ticket and then got the dates mixed up in my head.

No life lesson to report--except to check your calendar more often or go to a concert with someone else so that they can remind you about it.


matt said...

I can't find anyone here to go hear jazz either. If I was there, I'd go with you and get some coffee. Just not Starbucks.

Mindy said...

a nice thought to be sure!