Tuesday, April 13

The end is near and other thoughts

I've been wanting to write but not sure what to actually say. If this was my journal, I'd write down whatever just to put down my thoughts. But since this is a blog, I feel there must be a point to my writings and not just the random musings of Mindy.

Mi Apartamento

There was notice waiting for me, from my apartment complex, when I arrived home last night. As I've mentioend, I'll be moving apartments soon within the same complex. However, the notice that I received yesterday stated that at some point on Thursday, the maintenence people will be coming to inspect my apartment for the pre-moving-out inspection. They want to be prepared for when I do move out, to be able to quickly replace anything that is needed. My thoughts are "oh crap."


That means I had last night, today, and Wednesday to clean my apartment or at least make it managable
since they will be walking through it all. Eek! Not to mention that Monday and Wednesday night are "homework nights" and Tuesday night is "youth group". **Sigh** I worked on homework for a little bit yesterday but then felt my energy drain out of me at 7:30pm!! I was seriously ready to go to bed at 7:30pm last night. Needless to say, no cleaning happened yesterday. Maybe I'll tackle a little bit after youth group tonight.

Other than cleanliness, the only other thing I would rather "fix" before they came is an attempt to take care of nail holes of where I had pictures hanging. But I probably won't get to that. Que sera, sera!

Mi Frustracion

I've been feeling frustrated over the last month or so. I can list a whole list of frustrations but when it comes down to it, I know that my frustration is at God and His timing in several areas of my life. I am continuing to rely on His truths and His faithfulness. He has been faithful through the past 30 years...He won't fail me now.

Mis Estudios

My Teaching English as a Second Language course is almost over. There are 20 lessons and I am on lesson 16. My goal is wrap it up early next week. So happy! I will definitely do a happy dance when this is over. I only took this course becuase I thought it might be helpful one day maybe. A useful tool to have in my belt. And maybe it will be. But what I really want is to focus on my thesis paper. I have a month and half until my next Master's degree class starts so I need/want to take advantage of this time.

I suppose this ended up as the random musings of Mindy after all. That's okay.
Happy Tuesday.

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