Tuesday, March 2

Stories Worth Sharing

For those of you who blog, do you ever have your mind swirling with thoughts but nothing seems worthwhile to put down? That's where I am. So I'll just share two stories of conversations I have had within the last week. I find one hilarous and one full of warm fuzzies.

1. Background: This took place at the food show I went to last week. At these shows I get to meet people face-to-face that I have conversed with number times over the phone. At this last show, I got to meet one guy (I'll call him "D" for this post) from California whom I get along with fairly well. Here's our conversation:

D: So how are you doing?
Me: Doing well. Keeping busy with school. How about you? How's work?
D: Things are good. I'm looking for a new job though.
Me: Really? You want to change companies? What do you want to do?
D: Sales.Yeah, I'm looking around...seeing what's out there.
Me: Well, I know what you mean. I'm ready to change jobs too.
D: What do you want to do?
Me: I want to be a missionary.
D: For real? Are you a nun?
**Momentarily stunned, this is the part where I start cracking up.**
Me: No....no....no.
D: Do you have a boyfriend?
Me: No but I want to be married. I'm not going to be a nun.
D: Oh good. For a minute I thought I was making a pass on a future nun.
Me: Oh geez...

2. Background: Last year, I was attending two churches over the course of four months or so. At this other church, I was helping with their youth program. It got to be too much for my schedule and I stopping everything with the other church. However, they are without a senior pastor now and their youth pastor is doing some of the preaching. I told the youth pastor that if he ever wanted a break from the youth lesson, I'd be happy to be a guest teacher. I had my first guest-teaching time this past Sunday night. After it was over, I had this brief conversation with one of the high-school boys:

A: Mindy, are you going to start coming here regularly again or is this just a one time thing?
Me: No, this is just a one-time thing unless Jesse (the youth pastor) invites me again.
A: Jesse, you need to invite Mindy to come again.
Me: Ahh....that's so sweet.

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DeMo said...

Haha! I love that first story.