Friday, February 26

Silly Australian TV

You know those emails that go around and ask random questions. You are supposed to answer all the questions and then forward the email on so that all of your friends will know all about you. Every once in awhile I receive them and every once in awhile I will complete them.

For several years, my Dutch friends have been telling me (through the email questionnaries) that their favorite show was McLeod's Daughters, which is an Australian show that happens to also be shown in Holland. When I last visited them (May 2009), it came up again. So I asked them "what is this show? I've never heard of it..." This inquiry prompted them to immediately start Season 1 for my entertainment. I think in the 7 days I was there, we watched the entire 1st season and I think we started the 2nd season. They warned me that I will get hooked.

When I left Holland, I wasn't sure I was hooked but I was interested. So I went to and bought season 2 so that I could finish what I started and oh hey...season 5 is super cheap...might as well buy that too. Before I knew it, I became the proud owner of all 8 seasons of McLeod's Daughters.

Why? I'm not sure. I'm planning on selling them all once I'm done but I guess I would now be classified as hooked. I want to know what is going to happen to all those silly characters.

I have cried over them, laughed with them, and been frustrated with them and I only just finished season 3. This show is an Australian "soap opera" about life and drama on a cattle ranch. The McLeod ranch is ran by all females and of course, their neighbors are these sweet good-looking Australian men, not to mention the adorable male vet that comes visiting.

I am eager to start season 4...hopefully this weekend.
What will happen next???

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DeMo said...

I've been dreaming of an Australian cowboy. I think I might have to start watching this show. ohh la la.