Wednesday, February 24

Random Me

I like fixing things. I like the sense of accomplishment. I am generally good with projects that require my hands or a bit of creativity, which is why I like to try anything related to cooking, art, gardening, etc. But when it comes to my car, I am pretty clueless. I (really) dislike walking into an auto parts store looking like another clueless woman. I know it's all about my ego but I don't care. Therefore, I usually walk in trying to appear confident...that I know what I want and how to fix it. So yesterday, when I fixed my rear brake light, I was proud of myself. I did it, without help, and generally managed to appear that I knew what I was doing...I think. I know...changing a brake light isn't the most impressive thing but let me have this one, okay?

The food show that I've mentioned before was last night. Always an interesting experience. I've mentioned that my job is all computer/phone oriented. This food show is the one time I get to see people. The one opportunity I get to put faces to the people I've been chatting with over the previous year. It's a funny experience when you meet someone for the first time. I could close my eyes and know their voice instantly. But when I open my eyes and see the person that matches that voice, I often have to refrain from chuckling. It's not because they are funny looking or anything but because how they look doesn't match the visual image I've created in my head, based on their voice. Trying to reconcile the real face to the voice is an amusing process.

It rained yesterday.
The cute flat shoes that I bought for the food show are not water proof/resistant.
Note to self, wear only on non-rainy days.

For my Master's degree, I have to write a thesis paper. On Monday, I worked on the proposal that I have to submit before I start researching. Yesterday, I emailed a professor, that I haven't met, to see if he would be my paper's advisor. He agreed! So now I just need to submit the proposal and once I get the green light, then start my research. Eek! I'm both excited and daunted by this task of writing a thesis paper. I have this idea that it should be a long grand paper...60 pages is my goal. But 60 pages is enormous...I've never written anything larger than 20 pages. One step at a time, I guess. It helps that I am excited about the topic...that's a good thing, right?

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