Monday, February 22

Apartment Estate Sale

An estate sale is basically like an open-house to speak...for a deceased person typically. Well, I am definitely not deceased and I definitely don't have an estate. But I do have a little 550 square foot apartment that is full of stuff.

Whenever I think about moving, whether it is to just moving to share an apartment with my sister or moving overseas, I always feel slightly overwhelmed and burdened by the thought of packing/moving/sorting through my stuff. Honestly, there is very little that I have that I wouldn't part with. The rest, I could do without. Some of the rest would be hard or sentimental to part with but the thought of carting them around makes me want to plop on my couch in fatigue before I even get started.

I might be moving in April/May to find an apartment with my sister and then it will probably be another year after that before I either move overseas or move further than just to another apartment complex in the same city.

The thing that keeps rolling around in my head is to have an open-apartment garage sale. Come. Walk around my apartment. Make an offer on anything you see. Take it out of my life and good riddance.

But the question that begs to be answered is if all this stuff feels weighty then why oh why do I keep buying more stuff?

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