Thursday, February 4

I went in for one and came out with three

I went to the bookstore after work today
to buy this:

Beth Moore just released this book yesterday and will be doing an online book club type of thing with any sisters that want to join. Basically I have nine weeks to read the book, during which time there will be online discussions. At the end (April 24th) Ms. Beth is going to do a simulcast online (I think) to wrap everything up.

I don't think I have a huge problem with insecurity but I know it does affect certain elements of my life, especially in regards to future career plans. At any rate, I thought it would be good to read and to participate in this book club thing since I'll have the time off of school.

So on my way to the checkout, my eyes found two more must haves:

Jane Eyre by Ms. Bronte...the story I formerly disliked...isn't this an awful cover though?

And lastly:

Pride and Prejudice by Ms. Austin....a story I love. I was tempted to also buy Sense and Senseability since my sister likes this book as much as P&P...but I figured I should hang onto a little bit of money.

Needless to say, I spent a little more than I planned.


Jerry and Kim said...

I love Beth Moore conferences, never have read one of her books, she is so easy to listen to and laugh with...hope it is a great read! I love the other 2 choices you bought too! hope you have some time someday to read these books!!!

My name is Cait said...

I'm always like that with bookshops. They are dangerous!