Tuesday, February 2

A German Memory (in English)

There are a fair number of people who want to see me get married as much as I would like to be married. I love their support and am touched when they share their wishes and prayers for me.

When I served in Germany, I worked with approximately 14 middle school students who, God bless them all, wanted me to get married. They tried to encourage me to "hook up" with another single younger guy there. They talked about their distance single relatives. I smiled, I laughed, I rolled my eyes. Until one day...

One day, someone brought up that Aunt Mindy (which is what everyone called me) should join a dating site online. So a number of those blessed teens ran over to the computer and went to Yahoo's or MSN's dating page (I think) and started filling out a profile. I was nearby so that I could make sure they wouldn't hit the "submit" button or see inappropriate profiles. The little dears filled in the information they knew about me and made up what they didn't know. Then, they got to the page where you can choose what qualities or features you want or like in the opposite gender.

Would you believe that my kiddos found the one trait that nobody on this dating site had ever yet chosen...they decided I had to have a man who's best feature was a "hot bellybutton." Yes, it's true...under best features was a "bellybutton" option. We all started laughing hysterically.

Sad to say, there were zero options.

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