Wednesday, January 27

Salesmen I Like

I'm not a huge fan of salesmen.
Why? Because I hate saying no and yet I don't want to buy half of what is offered. Which means I'm "forced" to say no and then I feel guilty.

There is one type of salesman that I do like.

I was talking with a missionary from Indonesia yesterday and after 5-10 minutes, he was trying to recruit me to come to Indonesia. As of yesterday, I have been told that the will of God is for me to go to Russia, Bosnia, Macedonia, and Indonesia...oh, and of course, the military. I assured the military that I had not heard from God on this direction but thank you very much. As for the missionaries, I just smile or laugh, consider what life might be like there, and then go home with warm fuzzies.

I guess it's the whole thing of being wanted. It's a nice feeling.
And there are a lot of good things going on around the world that would be fun to be a part of. So even if I haven't heard directly from God yet as to where He wants me to go, I am glad to be the recipient of their recruiting!

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