Wednesday, January 27

I need a wishing well or a sugar daddy

I know what I want to be when I grow up...a missionary.
The problem is that I am growing up and I'm still not being/doing what I want to do.
Another problem is that at this point, I don't know where I want to go or what kind of ministry I want to have.

Monday night, I had the idea that would be brilliant for everyone who wants to be an overseas missionary. It would be great, if we could pick 4 locations (approximately) and go visit those locations to see how we would like the country and people, and to see the types of ministries that we could join or partner with. All that would be needed would be about 1 week per place.

That would totally work for me! I am a visual and somewhat intuitive type of person. I have visited places before and known that I could or should move there. Granted, I've only actually moved to such a place once but clearly the world and types of ministries available is greater than what my mind can conceive. I can hear all the stories, read all the details and dream away. But to go, taste, hear, smell and feel the country would be infinitely better.

So where would I go?
--Either India, Indonesia, Kenya, or some other African country

So why not do it?
Because it requires money and time off work. I have already found out that I'm not "allowed" to take more than two weeks off at a time. Plus I only get two weeks of paid vacation time per if I squeezed in a third week or more, I'd have to take unpaid time off, which might be okay except for the matter of paying for school. and rent. And really, you'd need to allow about 8-9 days for each place because you take one whole day traveling there and back. Although I suppose I'd get a feel of the country in 5 days.

Maybe I should try squeezing in a trip this year...

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