Tuesday, January 26

Getting around to touring

My dad worked at Boeing for 30 years. Next month, he will have been retired for two years.
He doesn't miss it.

Today, my dad is taking the Boeing tour for the first time!

Understandably, why would tour the place where you work? I never tour my office...granted my office is only about 700 sqft. What is funny about my dad having never toured Boeing is that we've taken guests, my dad had arranged for others to take the tour, and everyone else in our family has been on it.

So why is my dad just getting around to the tour for the first time?

Because our pastor roped him into it...hehehe. Our church has missionaries in town and they were interested in the tour. My pastor has done the tour almost every year with missionaries and doesn't want to go again...I don't blame him. It's interesting but only like once or twice. Without my pastor's intervention, I wouldn't have been surprised if my parents moved to Arizona without my dad ever desiring to go on the tour.

Knowing my dad, I'm sure those missionaries got an "enriched" tour with my dad's explanations...hopefully all three of them enjoyed it.

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