Monday, January 25

My Friends

God has blessed me with two close friends at my church, a husband and wife who are my age.

Brian, Erin and I are a lot alike both in personality and purpose of life. You see, all three of us want to be missionaries with our denomination. We love our denomination and our hearts ache to serve overseas.

Over the last few years, our denomination has been less encouraging in light of the economy and trying to be good stewards of the available resources. However, for those of us in the process of becoming missionaries, it's a bit frustrating to be finally close to being ready to go and yet, not knowing if there will even be a spot for us in the next few years. Where does leave us? What do we do?

But back to my friends.

I am so thankful that Brian and Erin are a part of my life! I am blessed to have their friendship. And when times are hard or when we are frustrated with the unknowns, I am thankful that we can sympathize and understand each other because we are feeling the same things! I wouldn't want to be in this process (of becoming a missionary) without them. They are my encouragement, my prayer support, and my perspective-keepers...and hopefully I do the same for them.

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