Friday, January 22

Office Chaos

(I hesitate to post things about work on here because I have put the link to this blog on facebook, on which I'm friends two people in companies that we work with.)

I work in a small office...4 people....that's it! Most of the time we talk louder when we want to talk with the person on the other side of the room...we don't get up, we don't call by phone, we just talk a little louder.

There are two men and two women. The two guys have actual office spaces with doors and four walls. Myself and the other lady are in one large open space. This small office, this open space, and these co-workers of mine make things...ummm...let's just say interesting and chaotic.

1. I love it when I ask a simple question about what something means which then starts a tirade about how a 3rd party isn't doing their job and they are not being paid enough to do the 3rd party person's job. I want to say "Whoa nellie! Don't take your frustrations out on me. Deep breath! Inhale.....exhale...." (Actually the deep breaths might be more beneficial for maintaining my own sanity.)

2. I love it when I repeatedly hear "excuse my French....but so-and-so is an awful b----!" To that I want to say, "I've never taken French so I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure b---- is not a French word!"
OR when I hear, "I'm sorry but so-and-so is a brainless moron." Then I want say to "You don't sound sorry" or "Are you really sorry?"

3. I love it when I repeatedly hear sighs, moans, frustrated laughter and slamming of phones. Having been here for 2.5 years, I believe the desired response is "what's wrong?" but since I know that will induce another tirade...I ignore it...because all too soon I'll be the recipient of it anyways.

It sounds like my job is awful or toxic, doesn't it? My job has many blessings too. (In my church's youth group, there is a joke that for every bad thing you say about someone, you need to list 3 nice things.)  Like even today, my boss ran out to Starbucks just because I said my breakfast (yoghurt and granola) was not hitting the spot at all! So he brought back a latte and breakfast wrap. Plus my job provides for my apartment and school. And if I need to leave early for any reason, I am pretty much free to do so, within reason.

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