Thursday, January 21


As a full-time employee, a full-time student, a part-time youth leader and part-time sister/daughter, I have found that in the three years I've been plugging away on my Master's degree, I get weary by the end of the 2nd class.

Each term consists of three classes, one at a time. Each class is 7 weeks long.

So because of this discovery and to keep myself out of debt, I started skipping the one of the 3 classes (which is why I am now in year 3).

Class #2 ends in two weeks and I am weary once again. I want to sleep, read fun books, play in the kitchen and have a break from school and work, which I'll actually get in 2 weeks. I'm going to California the day my class ends for a week in February to see my grandparents.

But I still have two weeks of perseverance that is needed and a 20 page paper that still needs to be written...sigh...I'll get it done...I always do.
I care too much about my GPA!
(That seems very "high schoolish" of me...but academically, I'm doing the best I've ever done!)

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