Saturday, January 30

Reflective me and a phone call

My posts have been a bit reflective lately...more serious natured.
And that's okay...with the things that are on my heart, I could probably continue this reflective nature for another couple weeks. I've always been a writing down things, it helps me focus and process my thoughts.

But my thoughts are not always weighty. I am an optimistic person and love finding humor in my day to day life. So instead of processing more thoughts over the next week or two, I am going to share more humor...or try to at least.

I had the funniest phone call yesterday that left me chuckling for a few hours...actually, I'm still chuckling. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this guy that I work with before. We have never met but have been phone friends for two years now?!? We get along so well and we make each other laugh.

My job never gets me out of the office except for one day a year. Every February, there is a food show in Seattle that our office goes to and helps with. Last year I totally expected to finally meet R but he never showed. Granted, I don't know what he looks like but I figured someone would introduce us...I'd hear his voice which I know...I'd see his nametag or visa versa, etc...but it didn't happen. I called him up the next day to tease him about not coming only to find out "surprise!" he was there and talked with my co-workers. We laughed and said...see you in February 2010.

In order to not have a repeat this year, I wrote on my calender to call R a couple days before the show to "personally invite him to show up this year." Well, R called me yesterday at work and mentioned that his February was pretty packed with meetings and trips. This prompted me to ask if he'd be at the food show in Seattle on Feb 23rd, to which he sheepishly admitted that he just booked a trip to Chicago during that time. Really?!?

At the end of our phone call, he said, "See you February 23rd."
Yeah, in 2011!


Jerry and Kim said...

so, wow, you have to wait another year to meet him?
I am reading your reflections with you...hang in there...reflection is a good thing every once in a while!

My name is Cait said...

I want you to meet him. You should just find out a bar or place he frequents, take a friend and go and meet him. Or ask if he is on Facebook, that's always a good screening.