Friday, January 8

Kicking my feet up!

I have been working hard on homework this week. I mentioned a few weeks ago that part of this class involves weekly group assignments. That has been working out very well BUT I am finding that group projects/papers take wwaaaayyy more time than a normal paper...and we are only talking about 1-2 page papers. There is the emailing back and forth and multiple revisions before we get it just right. Therefore, I have been working non-stop on homework.

The funny thing is that according to my professor, this is a "relaxed" week so that we can start working on our 20 page paper that is due in 4 weeks. Haha...heehee....hum. Hasn't happened.

Monday: I worked on homework from 6:30pm-11pm
Tuesday: I had youth group so I only did homework from 9:30pm-11:00pm
Wednesday: I worked from 5:30-11pm
Thursday: I worked from 4:00-5:00am and then from 5:30pm-8:30pm

Remember folks...this is after working 8am-5pm and squeezing in an hour of homework on my lunch breaks. (No, I'm not asking for a medal or for a sad violin song and yes, I do realise that there are people who are doing the same thing with families or other responsibilities. No, I am not complaining about my homework because I've rather enjoyed some of it...I just in awe of how much I've done this week and how much there is yet to do...)

And so for all my hard work....I'm taking tonight off (unless I get inspired after 10:30pm, in which case, I'll probably take advantage of the inspiration or energy).

I have a friend coming over.
We are going to eat delicious Chicken excited for this!
And we are going to watch The Masterpiece Theater's Jane Eyre, in our pajamas!
And the movie will be 4 hours of non-homework time.

I'm smiling just thinking of it!

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