Thursday, January 7

God and TV

God graciously woke me up around 3:45am, with homework on my mind. Actually I had been dreaming about homework and so it simply remained on my mind. Since I couldn't fall asleep, I got up and started worked on my homework for an hour. At 5am, I was tired and the Lord compassionately let me fall back to sleep. Now the Lord just needs to tenderly keep me awake the rest of the day!

I haven't had TV service at my house for 1.5 weeks. There have been a couple moments when I have missed it but overall, it hasn't been bad. I have fleetingly considered that maybe I should just cancel my service altogether.

The reason it presently isn't working is because I just found out that I too need a digital converter box. All along, back when the big switch happened in June (or something like that), Comcast kept promoting that if you have Comcast service, you are good to go. I guess I was only good to go for six months.

Now I need to mosey on over to my local Comcast store and ask for a digital converter box, "which will only cost you $1/month." big deal...but that is $12 more dollars per year than what I was paying or thought I'd have to pay. **sigh** What's a girl to do?

I guess the answer is to buy the converter box...after all Lost starts up in February...I need to see how the show will end!

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Heather said...

We've been without cable/TV service for the past 6 yrs and we have NO complaints...all 7 of us =) Don't conform, just shut it off!