Wednesday, January 6

Silencing Youth

I just remembered that I wanted to share about how youth group went last night. Like I shared yesterday, I was co-leading the lesson on Silence & Solitude.

Upon their arrival, we confiscated all cell phones and ipods. You would have thought the world might be ending. They seemed nervous to be handing them over. We assured them that they would get their phones back at the end of the night. Some were worried that this was new rule for all future youth groups. I assured them that they had been so such plans...yet.

The next hilarous moment was the moment my co-leader, who introduced the night, told everyone that from that point on, there was to be no talking. Eyes bugged out a bit. Youth looked around nervous, surprised, and even confused...after all isn't having fun always a part of youth group?

Overall, the youth handled the night VERY WELL. I honestly was expecting some whispering...some interaction to be happening. But if any whispering or interaction happened, it wasn't when I was around. They were so quiet.

The six stations also went very well. We gave them 10 minutes at each station. For some of them, 10 minutes were simply not enough. I felt bad for the groups when it was time to switch because it seemed like they had only just got there. We didn't want to interrupt a youth's moment with God and so some youth stayed at a station where they were meeting with God while the rest of the group moved on. It was very cool to watch.

I don't know how quickly another night like this will happen but the youth seemed to enjoy the night and several of them walked away knowing that silence and solitude (with God) can be a very good thing.

I love teaching when God does the inspiring.


My name is Cait said...

Sounds great!

I know about the whole confiscating phones and ipods. We do that at our youth camps, it's the best bribe for end of camp clean-up though.

Debbi Hawney said...

Sometimes forced "Be Still" times with God are the best...painful...but the best