Saturday, January 9

Family Genetics

I know this family that has two kids. One kid, a girl, is short, dark-haired, dark eyes, olive skin. The other kid, a boy, is tall, blond, blue eyes, and lighter skin. Outside of their sense of humor and the shape of their eyes, they don't look like siblings, even though they very much are.

My family doesn't have that issue. All four of us kids look alike...there is no question that all four of us have the same parents. I've been told that I look mostly like my older sister, but nothing like the younger two. I've been told I look like my younger sister and nothing like my brother or older sister. And I've been told that I look like my brother and not like my sisters at all. Basically, we all look alike and share similar features, regardless of  what anyone says, and I don't mind that.

Since I hang out with my younger sister the most, we've received the most comments. For the record, I am 5 years older than my sister. Most comments that we have received over the last three years have been "are you two twins?" to which I always laugh and tell them that I'm older by 5 years. Since I just turned 30, I've decided that the fact that I still look around 25 is now a good thing. But today takes the cake!

I went to visit the Starbucks that my sister works at. While I was working in the corner on some homework, I heard a guy employee ask my sister..."hey Amy, is that your mom or something?" I looked over with a shocked horror expression and asked him how old I looked. I could not believe he seriously asked that. He ended up apologizing about 5 times and I told him that I forgave him but seriously, her mother???? I would have to be at least 40....eek!

Maybe that guy just needs his glasses updated...let's blame it on that, okay?

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