Monday, January 18

Challenging Me

I have been known to challenge myself to cut something out of my diet for a month or two, just to see if I could. And I did it every time, relatively easily.

However, when it comes to persevering over larger things, such as general eatting habits or exercise, that is where I tend to cut myself some slack. I set a goal, don't push through the hard moments or make an excuse or two, and then fail.

Since the new year is about resolutions and setting goals, I've decided to set a few "challenges" for myself...just to see if I can do it. I know I'm a little late but oh well! Most of the challenge will be month-long, with the exception of the first:

Jan 18-31: drink 12 cups of water every day (This will be fairly easy for me overall however I am awful on the weekends with water consumption)
February: walk or run at least 4 times a week
March: No eatting out (unless invited by family or the most 5 times total) and no eatting after 7pm.
April: No sugar...hmm...this will be interesting
May: Walk/Run at least 6 miles every week (okay, I know this isn't huge...but it will be a good step for me...maybe the last two weeks I can increase it to 8/10 miles)
June: No beverages other than coffee or water (sorry, but I'm not cutting coffee out...ain't gonna do it.)

We'll start with this and evaluate my progress along the way.
I can handle this. 30 days...piece of cake, right?


My name is Cait said...

Good Luck!!

Debbi Hawney said...

Now you've done it...your coach has seen your list! I walked to the town center today...stopped at the bakery for a cinnamon roll and coffee so I'd have enough energy to make it home. Kind of defeated the purpose wouldn't you say. Maybe you need to be the Coach!

Heather said...

Great goals! You forgot the one about getting enough sleep though. Without that it might be harder to achieve some of your other goals.

Debbie ~ Are you her encouragement coach? I need to drink more water, exercise more and get out and have face to face time with other ladies. I'd take your encouragement too!

My e-mail is, how are you doing these days? I just saw Jesse at our HS reunion before Christmas and he said you were dealing with some "new," heavy stuff.

I miss you ladies!