Friday, December 4

It's fun being a woman...

I'm feeling weepy today. I haven't let any tears out but they feel close.
It isn't because of anything specific...just normal female weepiness.
Usually when I feel this way, it is because I am tired and need some sleep.
I just usually need to put myself into bed and then I'll wake up fine.

However, it's 10am and I'm at work.
I can't exactly go to bed just yet.
Plus my goal is to finish my class's homework today so that I have tomorrow off, which means I need to pull out of the weepy funk and gain enthusiasm, energy and good spirits.

Like I've already said, this weepiness isn't due to anything specific.
But when I'm in this state, everything makes me want to cry.
Repeat...everything! God, boys, homework, life focus, past lessons, missing friends, snarky customers, silly Josh Groban songs, sweet pictures, good reflective name it, it will probably choke me up today.
Oh geez!

**update**I spent my lunch hour walking around a garden store that turns all Christmasy every year. After that, I realized my weepiness was gone. Now to finish my paper...

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