Friday, December 11

I'm having me a party

No, I'm not listening to Shania Twain's silly song (if you haven't heard it, you're not missing much!)

I'm having Mindy's "first annual" Christmas brunch. Well, actually, I always think of brunch being more 10 or 11am...and this one is at maybe it's a breakfast. Whatever...

Anyhow, I decided to do this because I have this week off of school and thought it would be a good time to socialize, entertain, cook, and be forced to clean my apartment.

My apartment is pretty tiny and my table only seats four. So I've invited three church ladies over for breakfast and I'm looking forward to it. These three ladies are the easiest people to talk to. Seriously, when you are with them, they all make you feel like they care, want to know more, and desire to help in any way they can. I love them all! This is my chance to love on them!

So what is on the menu?
--Pioneer Woman's Quiche
--diced potatos with onions
--canned peaches, which I canned in August but apparently didn't blog about.
--orange juice and coffee

Yummy food...or at least I hope it will be.
Good conversation...probably lots of laughter.
Clean apartment is celebrating that people are coming looks so good!

Sounds like a good party to me!

1 comment:

Debbi Hawney said...

This invited guest gave you an A+.....all the way around!
Hummm maybe next time you should invite the Opra singer....not for entertaiment purposes but as a guest! 8-) I can come chaperone!