Thursday, December 10

My Current Obsessions

I have found myself the "obsessed"...distracted you might say...habitually focused on a few things that I thought might be worth mulling over with the universe (and anyone who reads this):

1. Coffee. I know, I know. How many times can I talk about my love for coffee? Probably many more to come. It's not a caffeine thing for's the flavor, the depth, the warmth...simply said I love hot drinks and specifically the taste of coffee. Because I could seriously drink it all the time, I find myself thinking about coffee throughout my days.

2. My plants. I have 5 beautiful plants at work. My coworkers call me a "green-thumb." I call it luck. I just haven't killed them yet! I have a tendency to over-water my plants. Anyhow, they seem to be thriving, which I love, but that also makes me much more attentive to them while I'm at work. Every time I turn around (they are all located behind me) or refill my coffee cup or go to the bathroom, I look/admire/reflect on them..."do they need more water? when did I last water them? I don't want to over-water them! I need to buy a trellis. the poor plant needs more support. should I re-pot this plant in a bigger planter?" etc, etc, etc.

3. Blogs. I'm addicted. There! I've admitted it. Every workday morning, I have to take time to peruse anywhere from 8-12 different blogs. Witty, charming, interesting, thought-provoking, emotional. These people have become individuals I love even though almost all don't know me from a hole in the wall. The problem comes when I find a new blog that I want to read...I seriously don't need more...I think 12 is enough. Right?

4. Michael Buble. I love him....sigh! I wouldn't really call him an obsession...just more of an occasional distraction. However, he has permission to croon to me any time he wants. I love his voice and he is beautiful to look at. (Can I vent here a bit? I would love.Love.LOVE to see this beautiful man in concert but the last time he came to Seattle, the cheapest tickets were extremely far away and still cost approximately $60! I think I'd be willing to pay $30-40 but $60? I couldn't do it. But guess what? The concert sold much so, that they added a second concert which also sold out. Evidently there are many individuals who will pay $60. I guess I must be content to merely listen at home or in my car...sigh!)

It wouldn't be impressive if I listed another 5 obsessions so I'll just stop here! Whew! I so glad to have these four off my chest though! However, intervention is not needed, thank-you-very-much. I rather like these four obsessions.

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DeMo said...

You only read 8-12 blogs? That's crazy. I have 134 subscriptions in my Google Reader, of which about 30 constantly pop up. I also spend my morning perusing blogs. :)

I have a plant at work that I inherited from a co-worker who couldn't get it to grow. It just took patience and I seriously think that talking to plants helps them grow. Like right now I've been stressed with a project and it's not really blooming. Anyway, I got it on a watering schedule of Friday afternoons and it seems to like that. Takes out the guessing, unless you're someone who likes the guessing part of when you watered. :)

Sorry for the book. I always leave too many words in comments.