Wednesday, October 21

The Flu of Swines

I am generally a fairly healthy person. I get the occasional cold but really, that's usually it. I pay for medical insurance that I rarely use...and that's okay.

However, quite suddenly last Thursday, the clock struck 4pm and my throat suddenly became painful and my body temperature rose. I know what you're thinking..."she just didn't want to work on Friday...aka early weekend!" Haha...hehe...hoho...but seriously, no, this was the real thing. (**As a side note, call me ignorant but I've always thought that if you have a fever, your head would also be warm. I think the entire time I've had a fever, it's been in my body and my head has felt relatively that weird?)

That night, after I went to a meeting and contaminated a dozen people, I slept in achyness and with a fever! I woke up feeling damp with that too much info? Anyhow, despite feeling achy, I felt okay. I hummed, I hawed, and then decided to go to work. As soon as I stepped out of my car at work, I wondered if this was a good idea. Sure enough, within 40 minutes of being at work (and contaminated 3 more people), I coughed...which made my head feel like my brain was loose bouncing around inside. It was at this point when my boss came out of his office and diplomatically told me to go home...I did not argue! So I went home and went to bed.

That day, however, was my brother's 21st birthday, which meant that night, our family was going to go out for dinner together. I really didn't want to miss this...I still didn't want to believe I had a flu so I decided to out again, contaminating my family and a whole restaurant of people. Yay me!

It wasn't until Saturday evening that I went online and typed in H1N1 symptoms. I didn't do this because I thought I had it per say but because I wanted to make sure my symptoms didn't match up with this but lo and behold, I found myself identifying with a majority of the symptoms. I quickly ran to the closest walk-in clinic and they confirmed that I have a flu. They said the only flu going around is the Swine that's what I have. The doctor ordered me to stay home for a week and to not see any people (oops...too late on that). I get to go back to work on Thursday per the doctor's note but obviously my coworkers aren't too eager for me to return with any swine we'll see how I am tomorrow.

Overall, this hasn't been too bad. Isolation and me get along just fine for short periods like this. Plus, school started on Monday so I've been given three days to work on homework without work or committed activities to take up my time. I can't complain about that. In fact, I think it's a blessing. I've been feeling overwhelmed and busy with my life, wondering how I'd be able to add in homework. SO....God gives me the swine flu to take out every other activity so that I can do my homework and feel rested, despite my non-stop coughing.

Just to appease the jokesters out there, no, there is no wallowing in mud although a mud bath might feel lovely at this point. No curly tails although if my hair turned curly I wouldn't object. And no pig snout that I can see. Any snorts or squeals are purely accidental....I think.

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