Sunday, October 18


In the Bible times, if someone had an contagious disease, they had to live outside the city to prevent the spread of the disease, until they could prove the priests that they were clean again.

If someone needed to enter the city for any reason, they had to yell "unclean, unclean" in order to warn people to get out their way. To do so must have been humbling at the least but probably was a means for scorn.

Having just been diagnosed with the H1N1 influenza, I have been given strict instructions to not have contact with anyone for 7 days total. I am apartment bound until Thursday, which is when I'm allowed to go back to work. Well, today I needed to get out...I needed to return a movie and dump some mail in a mail slot...both of which are non-human-interacting activities. Still, I felt that I should shout "unclean, unclean" when going out among the people today.

I wonder if what people would have thought...

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