Tuesday, September 1


So just two posts ago, I lamented about being tired of customer service. My work reflection continues...

I've been messing up lately at work. My messing up trend started back in May, I think. The first problem...the customer ordered 320 lbs of product, I ordered 3200 lbs. The second problem...I ordered 8 drums, approx 4000 lbs, of the wrong product, which unfortunately shipped from Florida to Oregon...double whammy! The third problem (which was only partially my fault)...I entered a year old pricing for a customer which was $1.10/lb less than what it should have been. This resulted in the customer being charged $27,000 less than what they should have been charged. Thankfully, the customer willingly agreed to pay the difference without complaint. Today, it was brought to my attention that some product shipped from Florida to Oregon when it should have shipped from northern Oregon to southern Oregon...a $900 freight bill difference. Again, this is not entirely my fault but I obviously overlooked something I should have noticed.

As I was driving home today from work I was reflecting on all this, wondering why I have been messing up so much and praying that the attentive hard-working Mindy would return. Admittedly, I feel like I have become a "slacker" at work over the last year and obviously do need to tighten the reigns a bit more. I have always prided myself in the past as being a good worker, a person of integrity, someone bosses appreciated and valued...but its hard to have pride in myself in light of the last couple months. Anyhow, as I was thinking and praying on my way home, I "realized" that part of my problem lies in the fact that my heart in not in this business. I am not a behind-the-desk, computer-working, paper-filing type of girl. I do better engaging with people on a regular basis...which is actually the one aspect of my job that I do enjoy, despite occasionally being tired of customer service.

Every job, including ministry, is bound to have moments of disenchantment or boredom. The goal is to persevere and to show integrity despite how one feels within one's job. Even when I served in Germany, which was an ideal job for me and my personality, I occasionally wondered if what I was doing was of any value. So I get the fact that slumps happen in all jobs, even in the "perfect" jobs. In light of all this, I know I need to somehow pull myself out of this current work slump and become an employee of integrity once again. I know God has me here for this season of my life and my actions should reflect that.

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