Thursday, September 3

Mexican Meatloaf

You want to know how my culinary mind works? I think of a "normal" recipe and try to think of ways to change it so that you have something different, new, and creative. Hence my mexican-inspired meatloaf.

2/3 cup oatmeal
1/2 cup milk
1 cup sliced mushrooms
1 clove minced garlic
1/2 cup green peppers
1 lb of ground beef, turkey or pork
1 packet of taco seasoning
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 cup diced tomatoes
1 whole egg
1 egg white
1/2 chopped spinach

In a large bowl, mix the oatmeal and milk and let sit for 5 minutes.

In a frying pan, melt a couple Tbsp of butter, saute mushrooms. When partially brown, add in garlic and green pepper and saute for an additional couple minutes. Set aside to cool.

In the bowl, mix remaining ingredients, add sauteed mushrooms and green peppers and mix well. Put it a greased loaf pan. Cook for about 45 minutes in a 350F oven, until the center is 160F or no longer pink. Cool for 10 minutes and enjoy!

What should I try next? A Thai meatloaf? An Italian meatloaf? Too many possibilities!

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