Thursday, June 11

Thank-you-Jesus Moments

I haven't felt inspired to write anything over the last few feeling pretty mundane, until today.

For my current class (Data-Driven Decision Making), I have to write a research paper using data. The very first week of class was when we had to declare our topic. The only topic I could think of was regarding the Great Commission Fund (GCF) of the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA). Ever since declaring that as my topic I have been apprehensive, like I'm opening a can of worms. Key reason being is that I am going to a C&MA school and the President of the school is my professor for this class, who is incidentally, also on the board of directors for the C&MA. But feeling locked into the topic, I forged ahead. Quickly I concluded that I am way WAY over my head here...not that I can't handle or prepare this paper properly but that WAY more time is needed than the 6 weeks I was given. I emailed my district office asking for the information I needed/wanted from them (half believing they would never give it to me) and emailed my pastor (ever supportive of my education) for info on my church's giving.

I had concluded about two days ago that I was going to get a poor grade on this paper and that the only research I would have would be solely on my church family, which would give me a full 3 pages of the 8-10 I need. However today, I heard back from my district and they gave me EVERYTHING I asked for, which is much more than I expected. Now I am pretty confident I can get at least 6 pages, if not more.

Relief and gratitude abound!

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