Tuesday, April 7

Things I'd Enjoy Learning

--Canning Foods. The closest thing I do in this area is to make apple butter a couple times a year. I received a wonderful (and easy) recipe from a friend for apple butter but it doesn't actually required a canning pot or other related utensils. I would love to be shown how to can fruits and veggies and to play around with various ingredients. Okay, I know I can always find a recipe online...I'm pretty good with following instructions but would love even more to be shown how (along with little secrets or bits-of-advise) from someone who is an "expert" canner.

--Art. I never took art in school...okay, I mean high school. The only art related class I took was choir. All my other classes were more serious in nature, not that I regret that by any means. But I have discovered over the years, whenever I've been shown artistic crafts, that I love them. Yes, I do tend to think too much instead of just "feeling" the art, whatever that might mean, but I do enjoy myself. I'd love to be taught basic painting, ceramics, pottery (same as ceramics??), calligraphy, weaving, cake decorating, mosaics, and almost anything else. The only thing I don't think I'd enjoy would be sewing or any form of needlepoint...but maybe I just need to give it a better chance.

--Gardening. I know gardening is not rocket science. Part of my lack of trying in this area because I live in an apartment with no personal yard to play with. However, I would love to grow my own veggies, fruits, and herbs. I'm sure there some good tricks of the trade though which is what I'd really like to learn one day.

--Kosher living. Bear with me here...this tends to be harder for fellow Christians to swallow, at least in my experience. No, I am not Jewish and no, I am not promoting legalism in regards to food. However, from what I have read about Judaism and living kosher, the main point is that by eatting and living kosher, one is more acutely aware of "ordinary" and the "sacred." Too often I throw food on my plate and into my body without much thought. Kosher living brings God into daily food choices and then consequently into daily living.

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