Wednesday, January 28

My Car is Going to the Shop

I own a 2000 Ford Focus. I've had this particular car since August, 2006, I believe. This is my 2nd Ford Focus (the first one I owned was before Germany). All cars have their own quirks but after owning two Ford Focuses, I will never own another. They are not bad cars...I'm just tired of "dealing" with the Focus' quirks.

About a year after purchasing my current car I noticed one day that my speedometer dropped down to zero while I was driving. Nothing happened to my car...I continued driving...and eventually the speedometer popped back up to where it should be. This has been happening ever since. The time between drops and for lengths of drops is quite random. I've lived with this for a year approximately.

Last November I finally decided to take it to a Ford shop to get them to fix it. However, I was concerned when, upon describing my car's problem to the service man, I was told "they've never heard of this happening before!" Oh good! It pretty much became a guessing game then. When they connected the car's computer to their diagnostics thing, it shows sporadic bursts of loss of power. The recommended solution was to clean all the cables in the car. $400 dollars later my car was in no better shape. The next recommended solution was to replace the battery, which I did (at a cheaper place)...still the problem continues.

A few weeks ago, to my joy and delight, I was talking with a friend about my car woes and he told me that he owned a Ford Focus that acted in very similar ways....yay, I wasn't alone! So I went online and found what I needed...a page that explains "common Ford Focus problems" and solutions on how to fix them.

Tonight I'm taking my car into the Ford shop (again!) and this time I'm taking that stinkin' piece of paper I printed up with ideas on how they can fix my silly car! Hopefully this will be the end of the speedometer saga.

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