Saturday, November 22

Food On My Mind

I like to cook and bake. In fact, I find that as a full-time worker and part-time student, along with my other obligations, cooking/baking tends to be a bit of stress relief for me. Typically its an hour or two of my Saturday that I get to do something that I enjoy...a break from my homework. So I find, in my desire to be done with my current class, that I am thinking a lot about what I should make next.

Here's where things stand thus far:
Last Monday (I took the day off work), I made Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookie Sandwiches...2 PB cookies with a PB/cream cheese/brown sugar spread and Strawberry Jam on the inside. I made this for my Bible Study group.

Today, I just threw Banana Bread into the oven, which I'll take to a party tomorrow evening.
Also today, I'm making Snickerdoodles for the youth group that I help celebrate the youth pastor's birthday.

Probably on December 5th or 6th, I'll be making Nanaimo Bars for a Christmas party at my parent's house. It will be the first time I've tried making Nanaimo Bars...the recipe I'm going to use seems pretty easy...can't wait!

Just to show that I am more than just a sugar-person, I'm also planning on trying out the Fresh Corn with Wild Rice recipe that I found on The Pioneer Woman, a favorite blog of mine.

Enjoy...I know I will!


Jerry and Kim said...

ok, now I am hungry. love how you can just click on the recipes and get them! You are really techy!
hope you enjoy too!

amy said...

i want to try the corn wild rice when you make it! it looks yummy! And naniamo i'm excited for the party!