Monday, November 24

Wish List

With the 2 month school break that I'm facing in a week, my head is partly spinning thinking about my final paper/project and partly thinking about how I will fill my time during December and January, since I'm skipping the next class.

So here is my wish list for all the things I hope to accomplish during that time:
--crochet one baby blanket and scarf
--clean my poor neglected apt which was been crying for attention for months (this includes throwing out oodles of junk that I don't need!)
--re-read Harry Potter series (not a necessity but would enjoy it!)
--finally clean my car...won't even think to mention how long it's been!
--create a "ministry resume"
--help out more with the youth group, with planning or whatever is needed
--email people I've neglected to let them know I'm alive and still care!
--save money...this is a prayer request and "to-do" item...sigh...

I'll let you know how my list goes...but first I need to survive this week and finish my paper!

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