Wednesday, November 19


I am a dreamer. No, I'm not talking about day-dreams (although I am this as well)...

I am a night dreamer...I regularly have vivid dreams that I can remember the next day. In fact, it's a more "unusual" night if I don't end up dreaming. What impacts me the most about my dreams is that I occasionally (once every two months approx.) will dream of random people. People from my past who I don't see, don't contact, and don't normally think about. And yet, these people randomly invade my dreams.

I'm also a person who believes that God allows things to happen for a reason and that He can speak to us through dreams. While I'm not quite sure God has ever directly spoken to me through a dream, I've decided that the only logical reason that I would randomly dream of someone is because the Lord wants me to pray for them. So that's what I do. I should say that I don't put much stock in what my dreams are about just about the people involved.

The somewhat frustrating thing is that those people fill my thoughts the entire next day and I diligently pray for them throughout the day, all the while wondering how they are doing and what is going on in their lives. About half of them, I have no means to contact them outside of performing a major search...and plus, what would I say..."Hey you! I know we haven't talked since 4th grade but I had a dream about you last night and was wondering how you are..."

Okay, that actually doesn't sound too bad but still that would be super awkward to say to a guy...especially a married guy.

I enjoy being a dreamer...they add excitement to my life. I don't mind praying for people either...hopefully God uses my prayers to encourage or touch those people, wherever they are at. I just find the whole dream-thing interesting.

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Jerry and Kim said...

Hey Mindy!
I just found your blog, I too find that people just come randomly into my thoughts, and you have encouraged me to pray for them, thanks! I will enjoy reading your blogs!
have a great one!