Thursday, October 18

Tienes amigos?

Since the beginning of September, I have been taking Spanish classes every Monday and Wednesday, for two hours each day.

Up until yesterday (Wednesday), our classes have consisted of many many vocab words. In the first two or three classes, I think she literally threw about 300 words at us to memorize. Then she gave us more. We have reviewed and reviewed with each class. I understand the value of knowing vocab words...but was ready for more.

Yesterday, she gave us questions! Questions we can use to actually converse! My heart soared...I long for conversations! Although I had to laugh over three of the questions:
  • Te pagan bien?--Do you get good pay?
    • I'm not sure I'd ever feel comfortable asking that question, outside my own family or closest friends.
  • Tienes amigos?--Do you have friends?
    • Ummm....yes?!?!
  • Que clase de amigos tienes?--What type of friends do you have?
    • The good kind?!?!
  • And no, this list of questions did NOT include: Donde es el bano? Where is the bathroom?
Learning a language is an adventure, to be sure. Partly because of the teacher. Both this teacher and my previous teacher from high school (from Puerto Rico and Cuba, respectively) have large personalities. They are crazy, loud, laugh a lot, and talk fast! I think they're great!

Going to Spanish classes isn't the most fun I do but it is definitely helpful. I just need to keep practicing in public until I can speak without making my statements into questions, due to uncertainty.

Anyhow, that's enough on Spanish 101 for today...I need to go study some more. I'll leave you one last question that is worth knowing: Cual es tu estacion de radio favorito? What is your favorite radio station?


Jenny said...

I have found the Fluenz language series on the computer to be an excellent way to supplement your classroom studies. They aren't that expensive (I think three people can share) and it takes you immediately into words you need to know and simple questions and answers. Check it out. We also have Rosetta Stone but find that it wants you to figure out more implied grammar on your own whereas Fluenz lays it all out for you.

Mindy said...

Thanks Jenny...I'll look into it. My teacher has been great...I think I just need to be patient at not becoming a spanish speaker overnight. :)