Sunday, July 1

My first conversation

For the last week, I've been having good conversations with various Americanos but when it came to the Mexicans, it was mainly "hola, como estas"...which means hi, how are you? After that I would get lost when they'd start rattling off in Spanish. Of course I could occasionally pick up a word or two or three but really couldn't communicate anything other than how my health was.

But yesterday, I got to have an actual conversation!
Our cook's name is Leyda, who is a gem. She pronunciates very clear and speaks slowly for those of us who are not yet novices. This was incredibly helpful as I was able to understand more of what was being said!

We started our conversation talking about coffee and then it moved to whether or not I like Ensenada and the weather in western Washington. We also talked about where she is previously from (Mexicali). Then she talked about how I can understand Spanish if someone speaks slowly and lastly about how I will learn Spanish, in short time, like my fellow coworker Brian.

I was pretty giddy after having a real conversation (still am)!
It's definitely hard feeling very limited in what I can say and understand. Plus, I won't be starting language training until I have the whole summer to be a bit lost, although I'm sure even before then there'll be improvements.

Anyhow, thought I'd share this little highlight with you all.
Happy Sunday!

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