Monday, July 2

A great story

There are a few Bible stories that ignite my mind and heart, more than others; ones that really get me thinking and make me want to teach about them or at least share about them with others. Stories that continually teach me about who Jesus is or how I should live.

I know I already touched on this particular story before but it's so good that, in my opinion, it deserves another post!

This particular story is located a couple places in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John): Matthew 9:18-26, Mark 5: 21-43, and Luke 8:40-56. It's the story of Jarius' daughter and the old woman.  May I briefly recount the story to you?

Jesus crosses a sea, only to be met by a synagogue leader named Jarius, who requests that Jesus come quickly to heal his daughter. The daughter is very ill and near death. Jesus agrees to come heal the daughter and the whole entourage starts immediately walking throug the time to waste.

And yet in the midst of that, an old woman is present who had been hemmoraging for 12 years! (Ladies, let's all have a moment of silence to sympathize with this poor woman.) She had visited many doctors, which had taken much of her money, hadn't help, and left her feeling like a medical guinea pig. Plus, over the years, her health had only grown worse. But she sees Jesus and thinks "if I could just touch his robe, maybe I'll be healed." After all, what had she to lose? So she reaches out, touches His robe and finds herself immediately and knowingly healed. But then Jesus immediately stops and asks, despite the pressing crowds, who it was that touched Him. This woman fearfully steps forward and Jesus shares a moment validating and blessing her.

Once that is finished, the entourage starts their journey again. However they are quickly met by a servant of Jarius' who sadly informs them all that Jarius' daughter has already died. Jesus quickly assures Jarius to "only believe" and they continue on their way. Then when they get to the house, Jesus heals the daughter, who immediately get up and starts walking. Amazing!

There are so many little things about this story that I love:
  • Jesus is willing to heal anyone, from little girls to old women
  • Jesus is willing to heal anyone, from high-offical's daughters to societial "rejects"
  • Jesus allows for an interruption, even when He is on a set assignment. He doesn't allow for this "to do" list to become more important than meeting the needs of people who cross His path, even though it means His plans are interrupted.
  • Jesus takes the time to speak and show loving compassion to this destitute old woman, who probably felt rejected, bruised in her body and soul, and alone.
  • Jesus sees impossible situations as opportunities for God to be glorified through miraculous healings.
  • Jesus invited others to be a part of His ministry, like His disciples.
I am challenged, in this story, to be more like Jesus in my actions. I guess that is why it always seems to get me excited and thinking.

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