Friday, April 6

A few blessings

Today is very quiet at work, which is a nice change.
A lot of North American companies, or at least in Washington State (which is quite a liberal state), do not take Good Friday or Easter Monday off of work. So I'm here at work, finally able to catch up a bit.

We switched computers here this past week. It was a great measure of our patience and godliness. I didn't succeed too well, I fear.

It made me genuinely resolved that when I go to Heaven, I don't want computers there. Even though our good Lord would literally be the perfect IT computer for me. Please and thank you. After having them as a part of just about my whole life, I'll be ready for a peaceful life without them. :)

I got the sweetest thing in the mail Wednesday!
My dad sent me a little brochure thingy which said that he and his men's Bible Study group prayed for me the Saturday before (March 24). It's a special form that this group created to send out to those they pray for. Every man there signs the form and it includes some special verses that they have selected for consideration. Is that so kind?

My dad included a special note on the front letting me know that he's praying for God's guidance and that he loves me. Every child should have a dad who encourages like that! I was (and still am) so touched by that.

I have an Australian guest with me this weekend. I picked her up yesterday and will return her on Sunday after Easter lunch. She's one of my blogger friends, who is residing only 2 hours away for this year.

It's nice to have a friend to talk with and hang with. Especially one who has an accent worth imitating.
I've think I've almost nailed the Australian accent!
Ha...if only!

Happy Easter!
He is risen...

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