Wednesday, March 28

Another memory from Germany

On a day like today, I think what is needed is a flashback to a fun-filled moment.
What's going today to make me want this flashback?
Trust me, you don't want the's just usual work chaos.

One of the dorm traditions that I walked into, when I worked in Germany, was Mystery Dinner. A fun-filled, chaotic, silly dinner where just about anything goes and you have to take pictures to prove it. I seem to recall that Mystery Dinner was held on Valentine's Day, my first year there. The reason I'm fairly confident in that timing is because all of our clues were "romance" oriented. So here's what Mystery Dinner is all about.

The staff planned the entire dinner, including a punch and dessert. I think we served spaghetti, with corn and a, pretty good memory! Every single item that was served was given a its own clue. This includes the silverware folks! So, for example, the youth got a card with the following random (and not too obvious)clues and the parentheses is what the actual item was, which only the staff was privy to:

Having the tine of my life (fork)
I blush with love (punch--due to rosy color)
I'd pick you any day (toothpick)
I 'ear that you're mine (corn)
--And so it goes with the pasta, spaghetti sauce, parmesan cheese, roll, butter, dessert, knife and spoon.

Once they have this list of twelve clues, they randomly number the clues however they so choose. Then we (the staff) served them items 1-3 at one time, items 4-6 as the 2nd course, and so on. So depending on how they numbered their meal, they could get spaghetti sauce, butter and a toothpick. Or a knife, punch, and corn. Or whatever!

Much hilarity follows as they would sometimes eat without silverware or have their foods all out of order.
Did that make sense? I realize that it's kind of a strange thing to explain in writing. But hopefully it makes sense.

Having written all this, I think I should throw a Mystery Dinner for some of my friends...adults would find that fun, right? Anyhow, thanks for letting me take a breather from work and a trip down memory lane.

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