Wednesday, February 15

Turning away

Slowly, with time,
cultivated over the months and even years
(as in my case)
the thing became an idol.

Feelings of eager desperation
a need to know or engage
led me to continually search out the idol
time and time again.

The idol is not bad
and did not seek to control my thoughts
It was I who willingly acted,
making it loftier than the Son.

Would today it offer a nugget
would today it satisfy my heart?
But often the anticipation felt
didn't match the reward.

Then God reached in and gently beckoned
to woo His bride's return.
My eyes opened, the idol was seen
as I humbly knew what to do.

The thing is still there, often on my mind.
A habit hard to break
But only the Lord deserves the high place
So prayerfully, I turn away.

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