Thursday, February 16

Dear Advise Columnist--

Dear Advise Columnist--
I have a funny but very true story that I would love your counsel on. I help out, each Wednesday, at the Awana clubs at my church. I specifically work with the 3-6th grade often funny age group. Well, last week, this one girl (a 4th grader?) was flipping through her Bible and found "Song of Solomon." She showed me her open Bible and asked if that was a real song. When I saw what she was referring to, I told her that yes it had been a song when Solomon wrote it and was curious to see what would happen next. Well, she then began to start singing the words to her own little tune, all in silliness.

I really didn't want to make this into a big deal because it is a book in God's Holy Word after all and there's nothing shameful about what was is written but nor was I eager for her to start singing the more personal "descriptions" that are used in Song of Solomon, especially as I don't know what she's already be told by her parents. So, after a minute, I playfully grabbed the Bible from her hands (since technically she should have been doing something else anyways) making her laugh and scurry to find another Bible.

Thankfully by the time she found another Bible and found Song of Solomon again (which took her a small chunk of time), it was time for the entire group to move to the next part of the night. Sigh of relief! As soon as she left the room, I laughed over how funny and potentially awkward this all was and could have been.

But tell me Advise Columnist, did I do the right thing? Was there something different that I should have done instead?

Someone who is not a parent!

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