Wednesday, February 8

Phantom Mosquitos??

About two weeks, I started waking up with bug bites. It was a bit ridiculous.
In total, I've been recipient of 4 on my back and about 10 on my legs.

But it's February people...much too cold for mosquitoes.
Plus there was nary a mosquito to be found, either in my room or in the apartment.

And since there are no pets that might have fleas, I've come to my next sad and disturbing guess...

Bed Bugs ((shudder))

Bed bugs and lice must be in the same family tree as they both make me itch just thinking or talking about them. You'd probably chuckle if you could see me write this post because I keep pausing to itch a random, non-bitten place. No estoy loco. At least not today.

I have done a little disgusting research via the internet and have taken apart my bed. But thankfully (and a tiny bit frustrating too) my mattress, box spring, and bedframe all look bug and larva free.

So two nights ago, my research informed me that bed bugs can live in our blankets/quilts and even pillows. ((shudder again)) I then stripped the two quilts off by my bed, tied them in plastic bags and threw them out on the balcony until I could wash them, which I did this morning. Tonight, the pillows are going in the wash for their turn.

I figure that even if I'm not dealing with bed bugs, then at the very least, everything is getting a nice hot wash. I hope this goes away, whatever it is.

Not only am I being victimized by silly blood-sucking creatures but I'm starting to dream about bugs creeping, lurking, and eating my sheets. Ick!

**Update: I just remembered that I had spent the previous weekend at a friend's house that had a maybe I imported some Canadian fleas...

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