Thursday, January 12

The ebb and flow of emotions

The ebb and flow of emotions is a funny thing, isn't it?

One day or even one moment, you're completely fine and content
and the next day or moment, you're struggling with sadness, pain, grief, confusion, frustration.

I am mostly fine, content, trusting in my singleness
I am mostly able to celebrate with other's joys of marriage and babies, without hesitation
And I am so grateful for that.

However, at some point today, and I can't even define when it happened
Sadness and grief flooded my heart for the story I desire but isn't yet mine.
This too shall pass, and I'm grateful for that.

In the meanwhile, I am grateful that I can trust God
with my longings, with my emotions, with my prayers.

And one day or maybe even later today, I'll be content again.


Mindy said...

I understand. It's a daily and sometimes moment-by-moment struggle to be content with where we are. Praying for you.

Mindy said...

Thanks Mindy! :)

nomadwayoflife said...

I can definitely relate. Especially as I struggled my way through the Holidays or "Horrordays" as a friend put it. I found myself struggling with the idea that I am completely alone in the world, and that life I live now is nothing like the way it used to be. Then I remembered that I actually do have some really good friends in my life, and in the end they make it all worth it. I hope you are feeling better, my dear. Great blog.

Mindy said...

@nomad, Thank you! I was feeling better again even later that night. :) There is much to be thankful for and friendship definitely falls in that category!