Sunday, January 1

A breath, a pause, and a prayer

A step at a time.
Life keeps moving.
A breath, a pause, and a prayer.

It's always a bit disconcerting to feel a lack of control on life.
Moving has done that to me.
Well, really, the last month's events have done that to me.
First I'm looking towards Maryland.
Then I'm not.
And since that moment, nothing is before me except to keep on keepin' on.
But then I have to find a new place, which I did.
And last week I moved, cleaned up the old place, and handed in the keys.
But I've gone from a whole apartment's worth of stuff to just one bedroom.
And now my car holds the excess for which there is no room.
Even after getting rid of half my stuff.
And besides breakfasts, I haven't eaten at home because I'm too disorganized.

The holiday has been great.
Outside of the packing and moving bit.
Full of good times and lovely company.
Tourist excursions, fun movies and good food.
But work starts again on Tuesday and I'm not quite ready.
Not yet home in my new home.

Plus my heart aches and prays for my sister.
Whose new living situation has been rough thus far.
Is it going to work out or not?
What will she do?
And trying to not worry, I pray instead.
And pray some more.

Things will clear up and get worked out.
God is still here.
His mercies endure forever.

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