Tuesday, December 27

Prayer Board

A favorite time-waster among (mostly) females is Pinterest...a website to "pin" various pictures and links onto theme-related "boards"...like a board of all home design, favorite books, food items to cook, fashion, etc...

Anyhow, last week, I found myself thinking about several people, life events, and other areas of concern in my life and realized that what I would love is a prayer board.

A board that I can hang in my bedroom, on which I can add pictures, emails, words, logos, Scripture, or anything else that would help me remember to pray for those things that weigh on my heart; those special topics that I want to intercede for.

So I went to Michael's craft store and bought a 11x14 cork board, some scrapbooking letter stickers and some pushpins. Then I went home, took a frame that I love, popped out the glass and backing and popped in the cork board. Perfect fit.

As soon as I started dreaming about this prayer board, I wanted to have a little phrase or verse on it to summarize the wish and focus of my prayers...so I choose the lyric "Have Thine own way, Lord."

Slowly, I'm collecting those pieces that will cue my prayers. And am delighting in this little project. I'm excited to see how God will answer these prayers while also working in my own heart.

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