Sunday, December 4

Weekend snippets

I asked my sister if she was saving up for a pillow.

Coffee with baileys...ending the weekend.

My mom makes these candies every Christmas. She mailed us some this year. I think my mom mailed me some when I spent a Christmas in Germany. I have a kind momma.
And these are soooo good!

We call them bon-bons...they contain coconut, pecans, and sugar, dipped in chocolate.
I made them in Germany with my kiddos. I'll share that story soon.


Mindy said...

YUM!!! I'd be happy with that showing up at my door, too! *drooling* ;-)

Mindy said...

I know...we excitedly wait for every December when my mom makes them again. I probably should pick up the tradition myself...maybe next year. :)