Friday, October 7

Our one-on-one chat

Good morning!

I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee by my side and am going to pretend that you and I are together, catching up with one another and/or getting to one another. I'm going to also pretend that I'm not at work but rather that we are comfortably relaxing on my red couch or at some coffee shop. After all...rainy days are perfect for coffee, one-on-one chats with friends, and daydreaming.

So how are you?
I wish I could hear your answer but since I can't, know that I'm praying for you regardless...thanking God for the joys in your life and praying for the struggles, busyness, and uncertainities that threaten to overwhelm you, at times.

This weekend, as in starting 4pm tonight, I'll be on my way to a ladies retreat, with my church. My friend, I love my church and I love the ladies at my church but I dislike retreats. So why do I go time and time again? Because my dislike stems from the fact that I am an introvert...did you know that about me? It's not a great secret. But yes, I'm an introvert and being gone from my apartment and around a large-ish group of loud women for a whole weekend, makes me want to crawl under my bed covers, with a good book, and not come out. But I sign up, approximately every other year, because I know the socializing is good for me and these ladies are so dear. Plus this year also carries the feeling that this is probably my last retreat with this I'm going.

I got my haircut last night. Mostly in anticipation of my interview in Toledo, Ohio next weekend. But it was getting long. Whenever I wear my hair up in a ponytail every. single. day. then I know it's time for a haircut. Another clue that it was time was the fact that I could put volumizing mousse in my hair and blow dry to eternity and it will still hang flat. So I got my haircut and I was in heaven, I tell you! I love haircuts. I love getting the shampoo and this gal even gave a scalp massage in the process. Then I go sit in that chair and start the process of being lulled to sleep. How do I almost get lulled to sleep? Well, I have to take my glasses off so that they can do all their stuff since I can't see anything clearly, I'm not concentrating on anything specific. And then, people "playing" with my hair relaxes me faster than a glass of wine. (Okay, that might not be true...I'll have to time myself one day and see!) If I trusted myself to not make silly sleeping sounds or to the head jerk thing when you sleep sitting up, I probably would have allowed myself to doze. However, since I'm prone to head jerking, I'd be one jerk away from an accidental bald patch in the back of my head. No thanks!

Okay, my coffee cup has been refreshed. How about yours?

My brother got a job yesterday; blessed be the Lord! He starts today. He's working at Les Schwab...a tire/car store. He doesn't have any background in this so he'll have to receive quite a bit of training but this could be very good for him...hopefully he'll like this job. I keep telling people that he was one week away from living in our (my younger sister and I) living room.

Okay, well I need to stop is beckoning for my attention. But this has been wonderful. We'll have to do it again some time, okay?

Enjoy your day and your weekend. Be encouraged...God is with aren't forgotten.


Mindy said...

Hope your retreat was encouraging!

Mindy said...

It was! It went very well...I'm glad I went. Thanks Mindy!