Monday, October 17

God's handiwork

This past weekend, I flew into Seattle from the East.
Sitting on the left hand side of the the plane, the brillant sun shines on me, quickly heating me up. I push up my sleeves, trying to stay as cool as possible, while also enjoying this surge of heat. Peering out the window, I got to see the patchwork of fields, rivers, and trees, like a unique vegetation patchwork quilt...God's handiwork in green and brown tones.

As we approached our destination, I could see the Cascade Mountains in front of us, including the stately Mt. Rainier. Just east of the mountains, starting at the foothills, was a blanket of white cloud illuminated by the intense sun; as if God had shaken out the blanket over the land, stretching out to the ocean. Its beauty was equally amazing as the patchwork quilt.

As we flew above the white blanket, it was apparent that it was tightly woven, allowing not a glimpse as to what lay underneath. Lower and lower the plane descended and it struck me that while I knew the land was hidden under that blanket, there was an element of faith for what could not be seen.

Soon the plane was just above the blanket but no longer was it a soft even layer of white but individual giant puffy clouds; impressively designed and seemingly frozen in motion. Down we soar, quickly enveloped by the clouds, until we finally pass through, finding ourselves underneath the God-created blanket and once again home.

Moments later, I step out of the airport and look up in the sky. On this side, the blanket is grey, the tight weave still apparent, for no sun peaks through. Having just seen and felt the sun moments earlier, I know it's very much there even though it is now the hidden element. The cool air blows around me and suddenly once again chilled, I pull my sleeves back down and wrap my cardigan around me to keep warm, contented by this worship session with my Lord.


Mindy said...

What a beautifully painted picture!

Mindy said...

Thanks. It was quite beautiful to behold and think about.