Tuesday, July 26

A traumatic experience

This is camping season...something most people look forward to.

I'm not much of a camper, mainly because our family only went camping a couple times...and by couple I do mean 2 times!! They were both miserable experiences, as both times we were cold and wet. I think the second time we even left for home in the middle of the night because we were so wet and miserable. I'm pretty sure it was my mom who vetoed any such further attempts, not that any of us kids complained. My poor dad...

But this little post is not about those experiences but rather of a camping experience I had when I was 18.

I went to a one-year Bible school in British Columbia, Canada, the year after I graduated from high school. At the beginning of the school year (September), they offer various field trips that you can sign up for, to have "bonding time" with fellow students. By the time I arrived, there were only a couple options left, one of which was kayaking to another nearby island and then camping for the weekend. I signed up, uncertain but willing to give the whole camping thing a try, and hoped for the best.

I don't remember much of the experience as I was traumatised the first night we were there.

I do remember it being overcast and rainy...which I obviously have learned to associate with camping experiences...so nothing new there. We ended up sleeping in a open covered shelter...all of us laying there in a row. Girls on one side, boys on the other. In the dark. In the open. Pretty soon, I could hear skittering of little tiny rodent feet running around where we were laying. I tried so hard to disregard all of it and fall asleep. I actually managed to fall asleep at one point only to wake up when I felt something on my face. I quickly brush my face, with my hands, only to be horrified to hear the skittering run off in the opposite direction. Folks! A MOUSE WAS ON MY FACE!!! (at least we're calling it a mouse because anything else would only be more traumatizing.) I freaked out in a quiet-don't-wake-anyone-up type of way and decided that this was definitely NOT FUN! I spent the rest of the night trying to bury myself in my sleeping bag while trying to keep myself from suffocating with the minimal air inside.

This being said, I'd be willing to try this whole camping thing again...probably NOT out in the open so that critters could visit me...but in a tent. And in a location that is know for sunny, dry summers. Because there has to be a reason why people like camping so much...right? Maybe one day I'll learn why.

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