Tuesday, July 12

Not from around these parts...

A couple weeks ago, I went up to Ontario, Canada to visit some friends and attend a wedding.
Because I almost never get out to that area, I decided to rent a car and see a few people. The first trip I made was from Toronto, Ontario to Toledo, Ohio.

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En route, I found a Starbucks while in Ontario. I gave the barista my "gold card" (which means I visit Starbucks too much probably), which automatically told her that I was from the States. Apparently in Canada, they do not have the gold card.

Barista: I wish we had these here. Where are from?
Me: Seattle, Washington
Barista: SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! Have you been to the original one? I think all baristas probably dream of visiting the original one!!!
Me: Yeah...I've been there. It's pretty tiny but it's always busy. It has no seating and uses the original logos...it's pretty neat!
Barista: I'm so jealous!
Me: Okay...thanks...bye.

That kept me chuckling for a little while. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

Then the next adventure came when I arrived to the US border.
Picture this with me: American girl, from Washington state, driving a Canadian rental car, coming from Toronto, driving to Ohio which is clearly not my home. Can we say suspicious?
The border patrol guy wanted to play 20 questions with me and didn't seem to appreciate my enthusiasm.

Border guy: Where are going?
Me: Toledo, Ohio
BG: For how long?
Me: I return in two days.
BG: What are doing in Toronto?
Me: I was visiting friends but when I head back up I'll be going to Barrie to attend a wedding.
BG: How do you know this guy?
Me: We went to college together.
BG: When is he getting married?
Me: Sunday.
BG: When are you going home?
Me: Next Monday
BG: Where do you live?
Me: Everett, Washington
BG: Where do you work?
Me: (at this point, I'm thinking "Sheesh...")
BG: How often do you come up here?
Me: Never! (chuckling)
BG: Never?
Me: (no longer chuckling) Okay, well I came to Toronto back in 2004 but never have been to Toledo.

And just when I thought he was going to ask for my social security number, fingerprints, or my first-born child, he finally(!!) said I could go.

That, my friends, was a good trip!


Kaye said...

ooooh I can't wait to be in Canada! It's so weird that you can drive to another country. I guess it's not weird for most of the world... but for me it's weird. I can't wait to be able to drive to another country! haha

Mindy said...

Hahaha...very true...I've never thought of that. You'll be able to stand in two countries at the same time once you come over.